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TN products are standardized for any large company.

Read below WHY you need the TN-2A if you might operate a hazmat or food supply chain trucking company.

Hazmat Shippers, RR's, Construction Equipment, Chemical Facilities and Farming companies can also benefit big time.

ThiefsNightmare TN-2A is fuel & starter lockout product that can solve that the problem of your tractor getting taken by anyone who is unauthorized to operate it. It actually works as two products in one. First, an anti theft device and anti terrorist product and 2nd, as Safety Lockout/tagout product. The TN-2A mounts permanent and is out of sight. The TN-2A is controled by your own personal pin code. All your driver has to do to lock up your truck is to type in a private code...That disables the starter and the fuel system.

The TN-4 keybox can also solve a lot of other safety lockout/tagout and other issues as well and can get 1,000’s of trucks or semi-trailers down to one key. It can be used with an all alike keyed padlock or a combinantion lock. If keys create a major challenge at your work, you need this simple H.D. keybox.

Below are the benefits of the TN-2a fuel & starter lockout and how this one TN-2A product can solve many safety and security issues. It may even prevent your company from getting sued some day in a civil suit from an employee related accident in the workplace and can prevent semi-trucks and semi-trailers from being targets of thieves and terrorist.

1. No more greasy King Pin lock mess. This will make your driver’s and their wives very happy.
2. No more backing under and getting stuck because the driver forgot about the king pin lock that was on the trailer. This caused down time, can ruin a OO’s 5th wheel not to mention the king pin lock. I had to take my dozer to pull one unit apart when a driver forgot as it’s tag blew off in the wind from the king pin locking device used.
3. No more put it on, take it off with these unique products that offer Anti-Terrorist, Anti-theft and Safety Lockout/Tagout in one.
4. The TN-2A mounts permanent and hidden and is engineered for durability, dependable in all weather conditions and offers better protection.
5. The TN-2A is standardized with the same shape, size and color.
6. The TN-2A offers your hazmat related company to comply with DHS and CFATS standards for physical security.
7. Use the TN-2A product to comply with OSHA Standards concerning lockout/tagout standards. This product also helps prevent major high dollar lawsuits from employees and others once attached and used. It prevented the starter motor from engaging once set.
8. The TN-2A doubles as an Anti-theft device and a superior Anti-Terrorist product for the regulations put together for the Department of Homland Security. It only takes about three seconds to actually set the TN-2A and lock your unit down.. Once the TN-2A is set, there was no moving the coach or semi-truck without a whole lot of several hours of grief if a thief ever was to get around it. What we are saying is this: It would take hours to defeat this device if the thief ever did once put on per our instructions.
9. Hard to defeat. The fuel system, the door locks and starter all can are locked up once set. It simply takes any thief to long of time to defeat.
10. The TN-2A uses all DOT approved fittings so no worries about not complying with any government authority here or abroad.
11. The TN-2A is for both safety and security.
12. The TN-2A uses only a keypad to lock and unlock the system that is located close to the diver area.
13. The dispatcher keeps the keypad combination right beside the tractor #.
14. Ease of use for driver. Designed to be set within arm’s reach for easy use in all weather conditions by the guy or gal who has to set the thing.
15. Already tested in extreme cold and extreme hot weather conditions.
16. The TN-2A is powder coated in black paint only. We discontinued yellow as it faded to quickly and showed up to well in the dark.
17. The TN-2A is affordable and can be attached at your own shop with common everyday tools your service guy already has on hand.

Alert to all Explosives Haulers: Here is why you need the TN-3A and this rule becomes effective in January 2010 by the Pipeline and Hazmardous Materials Safety Administration in Washington, D.C. and will be enforced by DOT.

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

Continuation of DOT-SP 11579 (16th Revision) Page 10 October 20, 2009

(12) Vehicle Batteries.
(i) By January 1, 2010, each vehicle operating under the terms of this special permit must be equipped with three battery disconnect switches – one at the front of the vehicle, one at the rear of the vehicle, and one near the battery box. All switches must be clearly marked. The switches must be installed in a manner that ensures they are protected in the event of a rollover. The disconnect switch must be tested every month and repaired or replaced if the test indicates a malfunction.

What’s THE BOTTOM LINE HERE? You need this TN-2A product to solve a lot of problems you have today concerning to stop theft in it's tracks from terrorist and to comply with DHS. You immediately need the TN-3A to be in compliance with DOT, OSHA and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration on the new rules taking effect. It is a very effective way to solve major theft, future acts of terrorist and safety issues your own company could encounter sooner or later.

Are you doing a CFATS Site Security Plan now?

Here are five things you can do immediately when planning absolute counter terrorist security for your haz-mat facility so you can better comply with the new DHS S.S.P. rules.

1. Physically secure your towmotors from unauthorized use.
2. Physically secure your Semi-Trucks while on the road at fuel stops, while the driver stops for food, sleeping in a hotel, etc.
3. Physically secure your Hazmat loads for the same reason and in case of a roll-over accident, your batteries must have a way to disconnect at three different points for the first responders. The TN-3A can cover that part.
4. Physically secure your construction equipment that could be used as a weapon of mass destruction.
5. Prevent the release, diversion, sabotage, theft and containment of specific COI (Chemicals of Interest.)

For your ultimate protection for your in-house Site Security Plan for DHS; use our TN-2A electronic fuel and starter combo kill switch ThiefsNightmare technology system.

It's the BEST Anti-Terrorist product on the market today that you can use on any type of equipment with a LP, gas or diesel motor and starter. Once used, your hazmat supplies will be finely safe!

As a bonus, most TN products do double as a Safety Lockout/tagout product for your employees to work safer while repairing your own equipment. This in turn will also help prevent future civil lawsuits should an employee get hurt while fixing your own equipment...It happens!

Although the TN-2A is pricy at $895.95; this electronic fuel and starter shut down system was specifially designed to counter terrorist activity for you in the best way possible to meet new site security plans at your facility per the new CFATS rules.

Add this product to your CFATS site security plan today!

These terrorist are targeting Western countries and western interest abroad too. The entire UK is just as bad of a target for terrorist.

To better prepare, all Tier 1 and Tier 2 facilities need better physical security to comply with IME and CFATS regulations and you know who you are. These TN products can solve your physical security issues for hazmat storage, hazmat tanker transportation and more.

Please scroll down below to see which TN product your company can use or click onto the pictures of your industry above. If you do nothing; millions of American lives will stay at risk as they are today.

That said, please take action today to help better protect the USA and Worldwide and remember this: WMD comes in many forms.

Weapons of Mass Distruction (WMD) encompasses nuclear, food, water, biological, chemical weapons and more. Al Qaida and other terrorist cells remain at large and a serious threat to our way of life today and will persist for a considerable time in the future.

Here is another TN product that your trucking, construstion equipment, boating, RR, Aircraft, and automobile company needs.

It’s called the TN-4 Key metal box and below are it’s many benefits and uses.

1. The TN-4 is a heavy duty key box.
2. Power coated black paint makes it look good the life of equipment.
3. It also can accept a re-settable pad lock or keyed padlock.
4. The TN-4 can get an unlimited number of trucks, trailers or any type of vehicles down to one dispatch controlled re-settable lock combination.
5. The TN-4 passes as an affordable OSHA safety lockout tagout compliance standards for trucks and other types of vehicles such as tow motors. Ever had someone break into your warehouse use your trucks or tow motors unauthorized? Put the key inside this key box where only the authorized operator or the dispatcher has the combination to get to it.
6. The TN-4 is also standardized in size, shape and color.
7. The TN-4 mounts permanent and is one tough key box.
8. Stop the need for a key-room at every terminal and every service garage.
9. Because it’s the most affordable lockout/tagout on the market today, utilizing TN's can maybe keep your company from getting high dollar lawsuits filed against you from your own employee’s while repairing your own equipment. All you have to do is train your mechanics at your next safety meeting to put the key to whatever it is they are working on to repair it and this small TN-4 will help stop any lawsuit in it’s tracks! Big companies just like yours are paying high dollar lawsuits from employees who hurt themselves while repairing equipment. In times such as today, you do need every edge you can gain and these TN products offer your company just that edge. It happens.
10. Affordably priced at wholesale because you will be purchasing in larger volumes. TN's are not offered for sale one at a time.

BOTTOM LINE HERE. The TN products are needed by your company and it's a very affordable and standarized lockout/tagout.

No matter if you are a large OEM or a construction equipment company, trucking company, farming equipment company, or boating company, please check out the other pages of this web site (per your own industry) to see which TN products will work best for your company. These products have been proven for years to effectively working on the ThiefsNightmare demo motor coach without one sign of trouble. Already proven safe, reliable and affordable.

Questions? Email: customerservice@hazmat-protection.com

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Are your own "Site Security Plans" to protect your hazmat products, towmotors & semi-trucks in place? If not, TN products can help solve these issues so take a look and read how we can help you out below.