ThiefNightmare (called TN's for short) offer counter terrorism technology product solutions to better protect our USA infrastructure. According to the 2009 Chemical Sector Security Summit; new standards for hazardous materials from IME, CFATS, PHMSA and more all controlled by DHS & DOT regulations guidelines demand for better "Site Security Plans" for better physical Counter-Terrorist Security & Safety Products.

For better protection, TN's can be used at Chemical Hazmat facilities, Refineries, gas & electric Utility Plants, some 200,000 chemical storage warehouses and others to help secure the USA infrastructure for equipment lockouts in order to prevent terrorist attacks on most types of hazmat fleet equipment. This TN technology is for all CFATS and haz-mat related industries such as IME (Institute of Makers of Explosives) for better DOT compliance solutions. TN's are extraordinarily effective in preventing theft of your equipment at Tier 1 & Tier 2 facilities and can also help out first responders prevent a more serious accident from a hazmat roll-over. That means better petrochemical security system soutions for your S.S.P., hazmat transport and more.

Your facility may get a Agricultural chemicals security tax credit of 30% per I. R. C. 450 if in the Farming industry. Hazmat Transportation of all modes can benefit as well from Grants and other tax deductions in order to better lock up your hazmat loads.
ThiefsNightmare has to offer what you need below to help prevent terrorist attacks for all modes of hazmat shipments. Examples of use are at chemical plants, electric plants, refineries, semi-trucks, food chain suppliers, tug boats, tow motor lift trucks on all kinds of loading docks, cranes, all types of construction equipment, defense contractors,demolition suppliers, Rail Roads to protect their in-house construction equipment, prisons, farming, petro mfg., water treatment plants, utilities plants, nuke plants, public works security, explosives mfg., government defense contractors and more.

No matter what your vulnerability equipment S.S.P. requirements from (IME, CFATS or DHS Site Security Plan) and no matter what your own security threat is today, our Hazmat Protection product line has your high quality affordable physical security product solutions.

We must all team up together in order to counter terrorist. Therefore, you do need the TN-2A electronic fuel/starter terrorist lockout system attached to your own equipment. These TN products offer an infrastructure physical security specific anti-terrorist products called ThiefsNightmare. They are the best available physical security product on the market and will comply with CFATS & IME S.S.P. for many industries. Take a look below to see how each TN product can apply to your own industry. Also, all Rail Road construction equipment should have this solution in place to prevent future terrerorist attacks upon the USA.

TN-1 Air Shut-off $195.95 wholesale

Thief’s Nightmare 1 or TN-1 is a “Air” shut-off system that locks up any brake systems on any construction equipment lockout that has maxie-brakes. Uses also include inside industrial plants in certain air systems, semi-trucks, etc. The TN-1 doubles as a safety lockout/tagout system on all above. It attaches permanent, operates manually and locks in both directions.

TN-2 Fuel Shutoff $195.95 Wholesale

Thief’s Nightmare 2 or TN-2 “Fuel” shut-off system is a manual shut-off that stops theft of anything with a motor including construction equipment. It also doubles as a safety lockout/tagout system. It attaches permanent, sets manually and uses a pad lock to lock in both directions..

TN-2A Electronic Fuel Shut-off with keypad control. $895.95 wholesale

Thief’s Nightmare 2A or TN-2A is the best electronic Anti-Terrorist “Fuel/Starter” equipment engine disable system in the world to easily prevent theft of whatever it's attached to. It locks up any fuel system to stop the engine from running within seconds once set on semi-trucks, construction equipment,RV, farm equipment or any thing with a motor. No re-priming of the fuel filters are required! As an added bonus, it can shut down the starting motor and double as a lockout/tagout device too for safety. Tested on all types of big trucks and construction equipment and demoed across the USA on the ThiefsNightmare demo coach for years in hot weather or cold, it does not matter, the TN-2A does offer trouble free dependable daily use to the operator. It doubles as a safety lockout/tagout system and makes an excellent Anti-Terrorist product for all types hazmat loads pulled by semi-trucks, food supply chain loads, tug boats, yachts, RR equipment, construction equipment, etc. The TN-2A attaches permanent and is set with a keypad by simply typing in a code controled in the drivers area.
Worried about your hazmat load, cargo ship, tug boat getting hi-jacked or stolen by a terrorist? Within two seconds, the driver can type in a code and shut down the truck or tug boat within; afterwards, the terrorist will not go anywhere. This device is controlled by a keypad with an unlimited amount of private codes that you yourself make up. Your hazmat loads can now be SAFE. While having a GPS system that tells you where your hazmat load might be going or ends up can be good, that GPS system will not stop the dangerous cargo from leaving your terminal or stop the terrorist from the theft!
ThiefsNightmare can stop the theft of your equipment BEFORE it happens and that is the major difference here. Once set on it's secure mode, this TN-2A will disable the engine so the thief or terrorist will not get it started without the correct code to do any major harm. His terrorist plans of using your tanker load, barge, farm supplies, chemicals or construction equipment for a weapon of mass distruction will be foiled.

TN-3 Electric Starter Shutoff Lockout/tagout $245.95 Wholesale

Thief’s Nightmare 3 or TN-3 is the best truck, construction equipment, farming, etc. safety lockout/tagout device in the world today. It kills the starting motor of any type of equipment with a starting motor so anyone can safely work on your construction equipment without the fear of getting maimed or killed. It also is an excellent anti-theft and anti-terrorist device and mounts permanent. It does use a unique shackleless lock shown on top that comes with this product. Extra Shackle less locks can be bought separate for other uses as well. Made to outlast any equipment. Designed for smaller equipment with smaller lead battery cables.

TN-3A Electric Starter Shut-off Lockout/tagout $265.95 Wholesale

Thief’s Nightmare 3A or TN-3A is the best multi-person safety lockout/tagout device in the world today and almost the same as the TN-3. It also kills the starting motor of any equipment so anyone can safely work on equipment without the fear of getting maimed or killed. It is also an excellent anti-terrorist and anti-theft device to protect all kinds of trucks, construction equipment, RV's, farm equipment, boats and also mounts permanent. Unique shackless lock shown on top is included.
What is the difference? TN-3A has larger battery cable holes near the bottom of unit and also is a multi-lockout on top of the box as so several people can work on the same piece of any heavy equipment at the same time safety while locked out. It is shown here working on an RV with a 400 cummins motor to kill the starting motor cold. Simply click on the switch inside the lockable box and the starter is active again. Click photo for a clear detailed view. Beside the TN-3A is the TN-4 keybox. Add this product to your IME & CFATS site security plan today.

TN-4 Lockable Keybox $24.95 Whsl.

TN-4 passes OSHA Standards for complience as a lockout/tagout device and doubles as a conveience key box to hold the ignition key to any truck or equipment. It can get 10,000 pieces of construction equipment down to one key if having an all keyed alike outside lock or by placing a changeable combination lock on it’s outside recorded by a central dispatcher. It mounts permanent to anything from construction equipment, cars, boats, trucks, semi-trailers, campers, ATV's, motorcycles, etc.
Have you ever locked yourself out of your car, truck or equipment? This heavy duty key box could save you a lot of trouble someday.
The TN-4 is the most affordable Lockout/tagout device in order to help protect your company from potential lawsuits from employees who get hurt while working on your own construction equipment. It also can save downtime as it allows for always having a key to that machine handy. Ever had a line of dump trucks lined up ready to load and the trackhoe operator calls off sick and worse no one else has to key to the trackhoe he operates? It happens, but no problem if the key is inside this box for another operator to take over.
Problem solved. This simple key box callled TN-4 has many, many uses. Add this product to your IME & CFATS site security plan today.

TN-5 Pental Eye-hook Lock $24.95 Whsl.

TN-5 is a pental eye-hook lock to be used on the type of tag trailers, welders, aircompressors, etc. that utilize a lager round eye hook type hitch. Simply put the TN-5 thru the eye-hook, put the 1" pin thru it, then lock it up with a heafy lock. Simple stupid, but effective.

Below are only a few of different types of equipment and industries that can use TN Products. Many more exist.

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Are your own "Site Security Plans" to protect your hazmat products, towmotors & semi-trucks in place? If not, TN products can help solve these issues so take a look and read how we can help you out below.