Safety Lockout

  • CFATS (The Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorist Act standards) and it affects all modes of hazmat shipments and level 1 thru 4 facilities. A new rule from DOT takes effect on Jan. 1, 2010 for batteries for all explosives haulers. See my home page and the why link for more details from this new rule DOT-SP 11579.

    Did you know that you might even be able to get a Grant to pay for your entire TN product needs in the USA? It's true, $55.1 Billion will be released in 2010 so your company can get into compliance maybe even for FREE if you are willing to apply for a Grant!

    "The US Government can't do this all day long" like the guy on TV Sham Wow says so go apply for your grants today before that money is all gone.

    OSHA standards now exist that require Standardized Lockout/Tagout systems so they are identifiable to all employees within your own facility. "Out of Service" Tags are essentially warning devices affixed and provide a false sense of security when used alone and do not provide the physical restraint that is provided by our affordable key-locking devices such as the TN-2A, TN-3, and TN-4.

    Lawsuits can ruin your company financially if in fact your shop or facility is found negligent. Now you can protect your employees and your company with our new Standardized Lockout/Tagout systems that pay for themselves in more ways than one as they save lives too!

    If you are in a Tier 1 Chemical Facility, be sure and read this next paragraph.

    Shortly, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will issue the final Appendix A to their Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard (6CFR 27). Appendix A is the final list of chemicals of concern and includes final screening threshold quantities. Within 60 days of the list’s publication, all facilities possessing greater than screening threshold quantities of any listed chemical must enter specific data into the DHS screening too, Top Screen. Screening Threshold Quantities (STQ) of some chemical may be very small amounts. Failure to comply with this reporting rule can result in orders by the DHS, fines of up to $25k per day and shut down of an operation until compliance is achieved!

    These are serious security issues that my TN-2A can help any chemical facility solve.

    Do You Manufacture Agricultural Chemicals ?

    If so, you may get a 30% agricultural chemicals security tax credit!

    See I.R.C. 450- Enacted May 22, 2008

    Check out IRS form 8931 with your tax accountant and your plant might qualify for a $100k facility limit up to $2M aggregate annual limit.

    Loss Prevention

    You probably didn't realize that theft of non-recovered equipment in 1987 was $154 Million. Today theft is over ONE BILLION DOLLARS per year just here in the USA. Now it's a Quiet Epidemic and it's worldwide! Theft is as high as one million per day in one six county area and getting worse in many areas.

    - Are you self-insured? If you are, by placing effective and affordable anti-theft products on your equipment will automatically INCREASE YOUR PROFITS by preventing theft that is as predictable as the Sun rising tomorrow.

    - Afraid your drivers or operators will not use the Anti-theft device? Add this statement into your lease agreement or drivers application or next safety meeting. "All equipment must be locked up when unattended with the Thief's Nightmare device or said Driver or Operator may face IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL." It may sound cold, but it works. Your driver or operator does not want to lose his job and TN products are easy to set in only seconds so it's easy to comply

    - Think your covered because you've an expensive tracking system installed already on your trucks. WRONG! By cutting one small wire, it can and will disable your very noticeable expensive mushroom system in about two seconds.

Only with your help can we all help secure the USA better.
Are your own "Site Security Plans" to protect your hazmat products, towmotors & semi-trucks in place? If not, TN products can help solve these issues so take a look and read how we can help you out below.