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Operation Liberty Shield, Homeland Security Act, Chemical Facitilies, Refineries, Hazmat Shippers, Utility Plants who must follow (CFATS), DHS, DOT and OSHA Compliance is now made simple with our TN line of Anti-Terrorist, Anti-theft and Safety Lockout/tagout devices.
All TN's are standardized for any large company who desires to protect their key assets from terrorist attacks or just plain theft or who may need to comply with DOT, OSHA or PHMSA. Below is the ThiefsNightmare demo coach and you can bet it's protected with TN products. These TN's have been tested on this demo motor coach to well over 1,000 demo's at a mix of shows, construction equipment OEM's, Dealers, Larger Const. & Trucking Co's, Farming, during the last few years, etc. all over the USA and Canada.

Contact info: John Desrosiers 614-214-5023

ThiefsNightmare devices are first a Anti-theft / Counter Terrorist product and 2nd a Safety Lockout/tagout device. These are all high quality products that solve a lot of different major problems for safety and security within several different target industries. They are called TN for short. These TN products can solve a lot of Anti-Terrorist threats on equipment of all types.

One program in place today is called "The Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI). It is intended to create sustainable national model program to enhance security and overall perparedness to prevent, respond to, and recover from acts of terrorism. It provides USA States and cities who do own all types of construction and truck equipment financial assistance to address concerns of unique equipment from being used as weapons of mass destruction, and to assist them in building an enhanced and sustainable capacity to prevent acts of terrorism.

The TIME is now to protect your key asset that are at high risk of attack from future terrorist and million dollar plus lawsuits that can only bring in turn huge losses. Operation Liberty Shield is a comprehensive National plan designed to increase protection for American citizens. Is your company doing it's part to protect our USA freedom? Mine is and I encourge you to join in with me to help protect not only the USA, but the world from terrorist.

Although none of our TN products offer GPS tracking, our products are better than GPS in this respect. Our TN products stop the theft prior to it happening! What good is a GPS system that only tells you where to find a cut-up semi-truck, or empty semi-trailer, or a cut-up piece of construction equipment? Wow, yes you might or might not find and recover part of what was taken of yours with a more expensive GPS system, but will that GPS system stop a terrorist attack that could kill thousands? The answer is No, it will not stop a terroist attack. However, our TN products could prevent a potential terrorist attack. That's the main difference here.

Title IV of the Homeland Security Act, covers security of all modes of transportation. This security effort is to "coordinate efforts to protect transportation systems within the United States, including railways, highways, shipping, ports and waterways, airports, and civilian aircraft, from terrorist attack." According to "Operation Liberty Shield"; to do your part, if you are one who carries "volatile cargo" or hazmat loads, a heightened attention to hazardous-material (hazmat) chemical and other shipments like food, etc. shipments should be addressed to make these hazmat loads more secure from possiable terrorist attacks.

These TN products can help prevent any terrorist from using your semi-trucks, semi-trailers, or construction equipment as a method for a terrorist attack. They almost all mount permenate, are cost effective, standarized and are can be set in seconds, but are hard to defeat. No launage problem here.

Are your semi trucks and tanker trailers that carry hazmat loads, farm trucks that carry hazardous loads and other high end equipment, construction equipment at risk of theft from a terrorist attack? Are they in compliance with the new DOT-SP 11579 rule? Look, most semi-trucks and equipment are easy targets for terrorist because 99% are not secured today enough, not to mention expensive even if it does not have a hazmat load aboard and only needs protection from theft. If stolen, your company stands to lose big from the theft of that equipment and load not to mention the loss of life it could do to the public.. These TN products are designed to protect all types of heavy construction equipment, semi-trucks, semi-trailers assets against big dollar loss.

Some TN products like the TN-3 are geared for safety to first responders in say a roll over hazmat accident. Are you in compliance today? This rule becomes effective on Jan. 1, 2010. Get yours today.

Target industries are hazmat Trucking, Construction Equipment, Farming, Automotive, Rail Road Locomotives, RV motor coaches, cycles, waterway hazmat cargo ships, barges, etc. and more.

Don't let some thief or terrorist ruin your livilyhood or ours and don't let some lawsuit from an employee maybe cost you hundreds of thousands to millions. With TN products installed on your trucks, towmotors and different types of equipment and if lockout/tagout procedures are followed, you can minimize risk of loss from theft, accidents and even terrorist attacks.

One method of attacking key vulnerable assets such as nuclear power plants, chemical facilities, major airports, financial centers, dams, national icons, monuments and historical attractions as well as all types of major sporting events such as ball games, Nascar race tracks, etc. is to crash a vehicle bringing explosive material, such as propane or fuel oil, in to a crowd or facility. Much stronger transportation protection is needed today to protect America from terrorist attacks from this volatile cargo. Will your Company, State, City, etc. help protect America and our way of life? If not you, who? I'm handing you the keys to help protect our future here so please take heed and help me protect the USA against terrorist who do wish us nothing but harm and death.

These same TN products are Lockout/tagout products. These TN products will also help prevent lawsuits from being paid out when these TN products are installed on all your own company equipment. Once installed, lockout/tagout procedures are to be followed by all employees. This can easily become a requirement for all employees to follow strict lockout/tagout procedures while working on or repairing your company equipment.

Railroad Safety Engineers, please read this next paragraph.

Why? It could save your RR from a huge hazmat wreck in the future that as you know could kill thousands of people if the right load and in the right location.

From a safety standpoint, TN products can save injury and even life no matter what industry above you fall under.. When TN products are placed onto RR construction equipment for example and also attacted one to every locomotive, these TN products could even prevent a future major de-railment. If you have one it could surely cost your RR millions depending upon what hazmat load was targeted and spilled. Because all the major RR's inside the USA do have thousands of pieced of construction equipment, it all needs to be better protected when left unattended and sitting in harm's way. A GPS system just will not stop the theft or de-railment, however; my TN products once installed and set just might! Here is an example:

Say some kids or (terrorist) hop onto a backhoe or dozer sitting beside your RR track, get it running (maybe with a stardarized stamped key easily obtained) and then park it on your RR tracks just for kicks just after the daily inspection crew goes bye. The bottom line? If these TN products were attached to all of your construction equipment and safety rules followed by your employees per your safety meetings to lockout this dangerous high liability construction equipment that is potentially very dangerous to major cities, these same kids or (worse yet potential terrorist) could not even get the equipment started in the first place. This one step could save your RR millions in potential damages from future lawsuits. It could also save tens of thousands of life's if these TN products prevent a hazmat load from de-railing and exploding killing untold numbers. Your RR can protect US citizens for pennies on the dollar and its stupid easy to do. All products mount permenent and set in seconds, but are a ThiefsNightmare to undo once set. Only your RR can not let these terrorist win!

Here is a snap shot of what these TN products can do for YOUR business.

Most TN products are Anti-theft devices all double as a Safety Lockout tagout according to OSHA Standards. These TN's will disable equipment in a wide variety of ways from potential terrorist attacks. All but one product we sell mounts permanent to the equipment so there is no put it on take it off as with other anti-theft devices. To boot, the TN-2A and the TN-3A are very hard to defeat so the thief will most likely give up and leave the scene as to not get caught.

According to the Homeland Security Act, protection of key volatile assets are your responability. Our TN products, one of which offer high-tech security will not only improve security and the risk of a terrorist attack, but could save untold life. Funds from different U.S. Grants offered can be used for terrorism prevention activities (Title I, Chapter 6, Pub. L. 108-11; 117 Stat 853; Title III, Pub. L. 108-90). Additional information can be found at:


The TN-2A is an electronic key for a high-tech fuel shut down and starter kill system. No pad lock required here. This is the best Coded Entry Anti-theft device on the market today for the big and small engines alike and will also work on anything with a diesel motor. The main device stays hidden somewhere in the engine compartment while the coded keypad is placed near the operator for ease of use. Can be pre-set to your own personal code plus offers anti-tamper proof properties . The TN-2A is a very effective Anti-theft and Anti-terrorist attack device. The TN-2A is designed for construction equipment, Semi-trucks, Yachts, Farm Equipment, RR equipment and high end Auto's. Simply type in a security code on a key pad and the fuel system is disabled. Affordable, effective, high in quality and reliable.

The TN-3 is a master disconnect switch hidden inside a lockable box. This one disables the starting motor. Housed on the outside is a shackle less lock so it can not be defeated. This one has smaller battery cable holes for smaller types of equipment like bobcats, farm tractors, towmotors, etc. It is a Lockout/tagout and a Anti-theft device. When used without the lock during transport of hazmat materials, you will be in compliance with the new DOT-SP 11579 rule. Why are you still reading? Call me today, it's that important for your company to get into compliance.

The TN-3A is a multi-person Lockout/Tagout device with larger battery cable holes designed for larger equipment such as semi-trucks, Motor Coaches, Larger Construction Equipment, Yachts, Larger Farm Equipment. It also comes with the shackle less lock and also doubles as an Anti-theft device. It has Lockout/tagout stamped on the housing and will shut down anything with an electric starting motor.

The TN-4 is a heavy duty key box. It's ThiefsNightmare most affordable Lockout/tagout device that will get you legal with the OSHA Standards now on the books. The TN-4 can also get all your trucks, farm equipment, construction equipment, ect. no matter how many thousands of pieces of trucks or equipment you have down to one "key" when all keyed alike locks or re-settable combination locks are used on the outside of this keybox. After so much equipment, keys can become a nightmare. This TN-4 key box solves that problem so you can use that "key room" for something else.

All TN products are standardized for ease of use by all industries.

The TN-5 is a Pental eye-hook locking device. It is designed for tag utility trailers, air compressor trailers, welding trailers or any type of farm trailer with a Pental style hitch system. Simple, but the TN-5 is an effective product to prevent theft of your trailer and whatever is on it from anyone with a pickup truck. Get yours today.

All TN products can only be sold only to OEM's or larger Companies. Companies must have 50 or more pieces of equipment, trucks, boats, farm equipment to qualify to purchase. All TN products will be sold in volume orders only having a minimum order of 50 TN products.

To order, fill out the order page and customerservice@hazmat-protection.com will soon be in contact with your company.

ThiefsNightmare goal is to help secure American. Our contact email: admin@hazmat-protection.com 614-214-5023

Only with your help can we all help secure the USA better.
Are your own "Site Security Plans" to protect your hazmat products, towmotors & semi-trucks in place? If not, TN products can help solve these issues so take a look and read how we can help you out below.