Semi-Truck Solutions

Hazmat Shippers, you need the TN-2A which offers a keyless coded Anti-theft device to lockup the engine. Your Semi-Trucks can cost$100k+ each. One semi-trailer can cost upwards of $50k each. The TN-2A product can prevent theft of that chemical or fuel load and even prevent a safety related future potential million dollar + lawsuit.
TN products offer two-in-one Anti-theft device and Safety Lockout/tagout. High quality, standarized in shape and color all for the price of a spare tire. Better yet, they all mount permanent.
According to the Homeland Security Act and Operation Liberty Shield and CFATS, stronger transportation protection is needed at Level 1 and Level 2 facilities. Security Protection of key assets from high risk TERRORIST ATTACKS is the main plan and TN products are your solution to this huge problem.
Protect your Semi Trucks & Equipment from Theft to prevent terrorist attacks. Don't allow some terrorist to ruin everyone's day when it can easily be prevented with the TN-2A.
If you own a Hazmat shipping operation, then you need to add the TN-2A to protect your dangerous loads and equipment in order to prevent it from being used as a method of mass destruction. It's the best physical security product in the world!

TN-2A Electronic Fuel Shut-off $895.95 Wholesale

Thief’s Nightmare 2A or TN-2A is the best electronic Anti-Terrorist “Fuel” equipment engine disable system in the world to easily prevent theft of whatever it's attached to. It locks up any fuel system to stop the engine from running within seconds once set on semi-trucks, construction equipment,RV, farm equipment or any thing with a motor. No re-priming the fuel filters are required! As an added bonus, it can shut down the starting motor too. Tested extensively on the ThiefsNightmare demo coach for years in hot weather or cold, it does not matter, it offers trouble free use to the operator. It doubles as a safety lockout/tagout system and makes an excellent Anti-Terrorist product for all types hazmat loads pulled by semi-trucks, food supply chain loads, tug boats, yachts, RR equipment, construction equipment, etc. The TN-2A attaches permanent and is set with a keypad by simply typing in a code controled in the drivers area.
Worried about your hazmat load, cargo ship, tug boat getting hi-jacked or stolen by a terrorist? Within two seconds, the driver can type in a code and shut down the truck or tug boat within seconds; the terrorist will not go anywhere. This device is controlled by a keypad with an unlimited amount of private codes that you yourself make up. Your loads can now be SAFE. While having a GPS system that tells you where your might be going or ends up is good, that will not stop the terrorist from the theft! However, this TN-2A will kill the engine and the thief or terrorist will not get it re-started without the correct code to do any major harm. His terrorist plans of using your tanker load, barge or construction equipment for a weapon of mass distruction will be foiled.

TN-3 Starter Electric Shut-off Lockout/tagout $245.95 Wholesale

Thief’s Nightmare 3 or TN-3 is the best safety lockout/tagout device in the world today that kills the starting motor of any equipment so anyone can safely work on equipment without the fear of getting maimed or killed. It also is an excellent anti-theft device to protect all kinds of trucks and equipment and also mounts permanent. Unique shackleless lock shown on top comes with this product. Shackle less lock sold separate for other uses as well.

TN-3A Starter Electric Shut-off Lockout/tagout $265.95 Wholesale

Thief’s Nightmare 3A or TN-3A is the best safety lockout/tagout device in the world today that kills the starting motor of any equipment so anyone can safely work on equipment without the fear of getting maimed or killed. It also is an excellent anti-theft device to protect all kinds of trucks, construction equipment, RV's, farm equipment, boats and also mounts permanent. Unique shackless lock shown on top is included.
TN-3A has larger battery cable holes near the bottom of unit and also is a multi-lockout as so several people can work on any heavy equipment at the same time safety while locked out. It is shown here working on an RV with a 400 cummins motor. Click photo for a clear detailed view. Beside the TN-3A is the TN-4 keybox.

TN-4 Lockable Keybox $24.95 Whsl.

TN-4 passes OSHA Standards as a construction equipment lockout/tagout device and doubles as a convince key box to hold the ignition key to any truck or equipment. It can get 10,000 pieces of construction equipment down to one key if having an all keyed alike outside lock or by placing a changeable combination lock on it’s outside recorded by a central dispatcher. It mounts permanent to anything from construction equipment, cars, boats, trucks, semi-trailers, campers etc.
Have you ever locked yourself out of your car or truck?
The TN-4 is the most affordable Lockout/tagout device in order to protect your company from potential lawsuits from employees who get hurt while working on your construction equipment.
Problem solved. TN-4 has many, many uses.

Below are only a few of different types of equipment and industries that can use TN Products. Many more exist.

Only with your help can we all help secure the USA better.
Are your own "Site Security Plans" to protect your hazmat products, towmotors & semi-trucks in place? If not, TN products can help solve these issues so take a look and read how we can help you out below.